Dear A,C & Cal.

Availability of independent study (series numbered 190) in a particular field of interest and specific library resources cannot be guaranteed.  Request this option only if work cannot be covered through regular course enrollment and you intend to approach the project or research seriously. Be prepared to select alternative coursework.

Playing the Guitar with Heads Up

I named the Chinese counterpart of this blog “Electron transfer chain”.   Does this (and the poem below) carry any explicit meanings? Covalent bonds are the strings, evolution quantised. My fret; dreams intricate. My score; I hold such guitar; cosmos, inhabited; plenum, changing. Music that couldn’t I just sense afar. Ignore the complex patterns troubling … More Playing the Guitar with Heads Up

Sunset Farewell

There’s a track in my forthcoming album Main Sequence called West Auckland / Enceladus.  It’s hard not to draw the parallel between the two worlds… (See Momentum) This might as well be part of my digital booklet for Main Sequence. Goodbye — farewell — your sunset.