To Me

Take a peek at what I write every day: Each month, based on what I read, experience or listen to, I give myself 10 prompts and write 3 short proses on each (give or take). This one is part of On Piano, a prompt for January


This year in all deserves something formally written, of course. I am time’s friend, having just given it a box of arrows as the new year present (maybe when time gets bored, it might shoot the arrows elsewhere, such that we won’t need black holes).

Have A Nice Day

I say, have a nice day, I mean, perhaps, have a good afternoon. I thought, “have a nice day.” Have a nice day, an exciting, cheerful, or serene day. A summer’s day. A normal day, a productive one, a rewarding day, or hence a forgotten day. when there are friends with you, when they see … More Have A Nice Day