Again – or, for the first time – thanks for being here, as I set foot in this brave world with such people in it, as I decide to think scientifically and imaginatively, as I read and as I become a real person – a physicist that I always longed to be.

For some reasons, I will also note down my life here. Places I have been, moments I capture and emotions I wish I could share.

I have missed opportunities – a lot of them; unforgivable mistakes – quite a few. They make the second and a better facet of myself – altruistic, innocent, articulate and unobtrusively ingenious.

English is still an unfamiliar language to me – letting alone the world’s cultures, to which I am still figuring out an appropriate approach – and reading is currently my priority. Please excuse me if my uploading rate is sub-satisfactory.

Quoting Professor Carl Sagan’s vision, I do wish to be,

More confident, far-seeing, capable and prudent.

In my earlier diary, I wrote that,

I envision a future where there are no borders between people, and there are no boundaries of knowledge.

Alas. Perhaps real “disappointments” don’t label themselves as such. Given how badly I perform under the name of excellence, that picture seems, at best, hopefully distant. I’ve never felt comfortable, and that is comforting.

In all, in my adventure, I eagerly wish and strive to add some depth to everyone’s happiness.